Recruiting excellence for the nonprofit sector

Succession Planning for Nonprofits


Our comprehensive Succession Planning process is designed to help your organization plan for the future.  A good succession plan will help you to attract and retain talent but also offer contingency plans for emergency unplanned departures.  crawfordconnect works with our clients to build a succession plan customized for your organization.

Why is this important?  A succession plan, endorsed by your Board, gives them the confidence in the future of the organization and in decision-making. It communicates opportunities to internal staff about possible career paths and gives leadership the opportunity to groom staff where needed, building a pool of prospective future leaders. 

As you know, successful recruiting goes hand-in-hand with planned succession in your organization, and a high performing work force.   The better you are at planning the future of your organization and developing your employees, the easier it is to target your recruitment efforts, find good fits, and retain top talent. 


Making Succession Planning Uncomplicated but Comprehensive 

Our approach is to apply an intuitive evaluation tool to capture standardized assessments of succession candidates against well-defined competencies customized for your organization.  Candidates are ranked automatically through numeric scores, followed by a qualitative review of the intangibles which are also indicators of success.   Evaluations are considered at multiple levels of management for a broader view, and recommended successors are compiled in a convenient report for Board approval.

The result of the process is a succession plan that meets all of your needs: