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Helpful Resources for Your Job Search

Whether you are currently employed, “between successes” and looking for a new position, or planning a transition from the corporate to the non-profit sector, crawfordconnect provides some tips below to help you get started.

Current Job Postings


Executive search firm consultants such as crawfordconnect have specific insights into niche industries. For us, it is the non-profit sector. We are often aware of job openings unknown to the general public. Some positions assigned to search firms are never advertised in newspapers or online, giving us access to what many people refer to as “the hidden job market”. Over the past twenty years, search firms have gained more influence in today’s job market, making it increasingly important for jobseekers to understand and leverage this resource.

Ideally, your resumé should be registered with as many search firms as possible that are relevant to your field. Different search firms may be aware of different positions. By distributing your resumé widely, you will be placed in many different confidential databases and be alerted to a broad cross-section of job opportunities. When you start a new job, it’s also wise to send follow-up letters to search consultants and keep them up to date on your latest career move.

Clients pay executive search firms for their services. At many executive recruiting firms, client relationships are over once payment has been received, but crawfordconnect develops and maintains strong, on-going relationships with all our clients and candidates.

Yes, but only with your permission. A search consultant will contact you to discuss a particular position and then ask your permission to share your resumé with that particular employer.

It’s a myth that search professionals will be less likely to want to work with you if you’re unemployed. Employed or not, search firms are looking for candidates who are self-aware, goal oriented and exceptional performers.

Although our executive search consultants are not career coaches, who provide a distinctly different service, we do assist with career transition issues specific to the search assignment. We are happy to recommend career coaches.

We are an extension of our clients: our function is to evaluate potential candidates on their behalf. Be prepared to put your best foot forward and give 100% at each interview. (One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is to assume that an interview with a search professional is not formal.) A bit of research and pre-interview preparation can be very helpful; take the time to learn more about the executive search company and read the bio of the person you’ll be meeting with. If a specific client has been mentioned, find out what you can about that company in advance of the meeting.

Your approach is critical. It’s a good idea to contact the executive search professional (by email or voice mail) and ask about how they prefer to be approached. Provide a brief synopsis of your experience, explain the value that you can bring to their clients and ask about how you can raise your profile at the firm. Be sure to provide detailed contact information—your name, telephone number and email address – and your resumé.

If you’re not ready to apply for a specific job, send your resumé to admin@crawfordconnect.com and we will keep it in our database for one year and notify you should a position matching your skills, qualifications and experience become available.