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Flexible Recruitment Services for Non-profits

If you don’t require full recruitment support, we offer customized solutions.  We can help you with:

  • Job design and development of the job description
  • Community consultation – especially important in member-driven organizations
  • Compensation validation, to ensure your compensation package is competitive
  • Development of all hiring materials (i.e. job posting, position profile, targeted marketing plan to ensure you reach the right audience of potential candidates)
  • Direct sourcing to identify and engage the hard-to-reach passive candidates
  • Initial screening of your applicants — identification of short-list
  • Referencing, education verification and background checks to confirm a candidate’s track record, experience and qualifications
  • Third-party objective interviewing or interview panel participation to help assess key skills (i.e. fundraising acumen)
  • Customized interview questions
  • Psychometric assessments to validate a candidate’s key competencies and fit with your team
  • Third-party referencing

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