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Talent Management

Enhanced value and support for clients that most recruitment firms don’t offer

Helping you build a more effective organization. We help you plan and develop the human dimension of your organization so that your staff are able to achieve more and help the organization perform at a higher level.

Whether you need to build, fine-tune, or transform your organization, crawfordconnect provides an objective perspective, decades of non-profit management experience, and insights into organizational dynamics acquired from working with diverse organizations.

Our support services include:

Compensation Reviews

Is your non-profit organization worried that uncompetitive compensation is the reason it cannot attract or retain great talent?  Then it is time to review and benchmark your compensation against your competition. We can help with a depth of experience at compensation reviews in the non-profit sector including:

  • Databases of proprietary and sectoral compensation across hundreds of positions
  • Customized confidential surveys of non-profit segments by position
  • Assessment of both salary and benefits costs
  • Action plans to address compensation gaps or compression
  • Pay for performance compensation

Performance management and staff development

We will help you establish a Performance Management System that supports employee achievement and improvement:

  • Aligns objectives for each employee with organizational goals and strategies
  • Provides an objective, quantifiable way to measure performance and reward top performers
  • Identifies and reaffirms employees who are in the “acceleration pool” for succession planning
  • Enables for personal development to facilitate performance improvement
  • Embeds in your management system

Onboarding & Transitioning

How well and how fast your new hires acquire the knowledge, behaviors, and relationships to become effective contributors determines their ultimate success. We include a 100-day onboarding support for each candidate we place, and can help you develop similar plans for other new hires and transfers.

Retention strategies

We help you develop strategies, plans and programs to reduce turnover and retain your top talent:

  • Analyze turnover by position, gather feedback from exit interviews and current incumbents
  • Compare compensation and other factors that impact turnover
  • Assess culture and recommend practical organizational change management solutions

Employee policy and job description reviews

Missing or outdated policies and job descriptions can hinder hiring and retention. In some cases, they can even contravene the law or be a barrier to organizational accreditation. We provide policy and job description services to ensure compliance, relevance, and completeness.

Succession Planning