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Executive Search – Comprehensive Service Package

Our comprehensive executive search service is designed to secure the executives and fundraisers who will help your organization achieve its goals.

The following steps represent the fundamental building blocks of the crawfordconnect approach to executive search, be it for individuals or full management teams. This approach has been tried and tested within crawfordconnect over the past decade, and is proven to:

• Attract the desired quantity/caliber of candidates,
• Manage candidates with respect and professionalism,
• Minimize the time required to conduct the search, and
• Provide an excellent return on your investment in executive recruiting.

Step 1: Ask, listen, learn

At crawfordconnect, we believe that the first step in every executive search assignment is the most important step: listening. We begin by meeting with key individuals from your organization to gather information about the position itself and to acquire a clear understanding of your goals, priorities, expectations and concerns related to the search.

Step 2: Prepare a clear, comprehensive competency profile and job description

Our next step will be to prepare a clear, detailed competency profile and job description for the position.

Competencies are widely recognized and used in the private sector for recruitment, performance management and employee retention. Competencies are the most objective indicators of the skills and behaviours required for effective on-the-job performance. Broadly defined, they are measurable and demonstrable behaviours, knowledge, skills, characteristics and education that support successful performance. crawfordconnect has established a competency dictionary for the benefit of the non-profit sector. We have found in our practice that candidates placed through this methodology have a better fit with their employer organizations, produce results more quickly and remain in their employment longer than the industry average. The competency profile we will prepare for your position will cover professional, technical and working style competencies.

We will also prepare a candidate briefing document describing the organization, the expectations for the position, and the desired competencies, skills, qualifications and interpersonal abilities the new position will require. Any advertisements required will also be prepared.

Step 3: Build the best possible candidate selection pool

Having a substantial pool of qualified candidates from which to choose is among our clients’ top priorities.

We use several tactics to identify and recruit quality candidates, including:

  • Tapping our own network of prospective candidates, acquired from our long-standing and active involvement in the non-profit sector;
  • Sourcing prospects from our expansive national database; our previous experience filling similar positions for other organizations has equipped us with a deep pool of candidates;
  • Consulting with influencer and referral sources within our broad network;
  • Identifying professional organizations associated with target candidates and utilizing appropriate recruiting tactics;
  • Advertising on communication channels appropriate to target candidates.

Step 4: Strategically screen prospective candidates

Effective screening of candidates is essential to ensure that we deliver to you candidates who are qualified and enthusiastic about meeting with your selection committee.

Based on the specifications developed during our pre-search analysis, crawfordconnect first evaluates all candidates through our competency-based online screening tool, net>HIRE™. This system enables us to identify the candidates that most closely match the competency profile that we develop with your organization. net>HIRE™ matches your requirements.

Telephone screening calls will be conducted with candidates to narrow the list. Then the senior consultant assigned to your search will interview the candidates who most closely match the position requirements. These structured interviews evaluate accomplishments, capabilities, qualifications, personality, emotional intelligence, and motivation, utilizing competency-based interviewing techniques that include both behavioural and situational assessments.

Step 5: Guide and support selection committee

Among the services our clients value most is our extensive support and guidance for the hiring executive and selection committee throughout the candidate interview and evaluation process.

We brief the committee, facilitate the presentation of the candidates, coordinate the interview process and provide evaluation input. We also provide draft interview questions to guide the interviewers.

Step 6: Conduct reference checks

Conducting a thorough reference check is integral to achieving a clear picture of how a candidate is likely to perform in his or her new position.

Once a finalist candidate has been identified, we will notify that candidate of your intent to move ahead to an offer pending reference checks. We will request a list of references we may contact from the candidate, typically asking for at least one past or current superior one past or current subordinate, one colleague from within the candidate’s organization, and one external colleague. We will provide you with a written report on references checked.

Step 7: Support with your offer of employment

If requested, we will be pleased to assist with the preparation and presentation of your offer to the finalist candidate, as well as manage any required negotiations.

Step 8: Notify unsuccessful candidates

At crawfordconnect, we believe that your search should be a positive experience for all of the candidates who participate. We also believe in assisting all candidates – to help them prepare and prosper in their careers in this vital sector of society

Toward these goals, we will contact all unsuccessful candidates for your assignment to advise them – with sensitivity and respect – of the outcome of the search. We will also provide constructive feedback for the benefit of their future job searches.

Step 9: Ensure your satisfaction

Our support does not end when we send you a final invoice. We want to know that you are completely satisfied with our services – and that your new employee and your organization are working together successfully.

Should a candidate who was identified and presented by crawfordconnect and employed in the position concerned be terminated for cause within six months of the individual’s start date, crawfordconnect will conduct a one-time replacement search at no additional professional fee. This guarantee will be honoured if the reporting relationships, responsibilities and functions of the job match the original position description.

Past & Present Clients

crawfordconnect has successfully conducted searches for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Our past and current clients include:

  • Asthma Society of Canada
  • AIDS Committee of Toronto
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Breakfast for Learning, Canadian Living Foundation
  • Casey House Foundation
  • CNIB
  • Dignitas International
  • hi Collaborative
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Pathways to Education Canada
  • Ryerson University
  • The Arthritis Society
  • The Hearing Foundation of Canada
  • Toronto East General Hospital Foundation
  • Trillium Health Centre Foundation
  • University of Alberta
  • WoodGreen Community Services

Why choose crawfordconnect?

  • We are confident that we can meet – and exceed – your expectations by sharing with you:
  • Decades of experience focused on nonprofit executive recruitment
  • Access to a large pool of quality candidates kept current through our constant involvement in the non-profit and business communities
  • A targeted, efficient approach that makes the search process easier and faster for your team
  • Our commitment to embracing and demonstrating your core values
  • A respected reputation for treating clients and candidates as we all wish to be treated – with consideration and professionalism
  • Solutions that are customized to your organization’s budget
  • Our total commitment to maintaining the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism
  • Results – guaranteed.