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Executive Search

Our comprehensive executive search service is designed to secure the executives and fundraisers who will help your organization achieve its goals. The following 10 steps represent the fundamental building blocks of the crawfordconnect approach to an executive search – which we customize to your needs and preferences.

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of organization and position
  • Prepare a clear, detailed competency profile and job description
  • Build the best possible candidate selection pool through multi-faceted research, networking and promotion
  • Strategically screen prospective candidates
  • Guide and support client selection committee with briefings, interview questions and scoring criteria
  • Assist client selection committee with candidate interviews and evaluations
  • Investigate references: provide findings and evaluation of candidate strengths and weaknesses
  • Notify and provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • As required, provide compensation counsel, present offer, negotiate salary
  • Assess your satisfaction
  • Psychometric assessments to validate a candidate’s key competencies and fit with your team

crawfordconnect Executive Search – Find the star that will brighten your future