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The Value of Using an Executive Recruiter

Hiring talented employees is a complex and time-intensive process. Many organizations approach crawfordconnect after their own valiant attempts to hire have failed. The following illustrates how using an executive recruiter can save you time, money and other valuable resources, allowing you to focus on your organization’s mission and responsibilities to donors, volunteers and those you serve.

1) Value of Executive and Administrative Time

Average number of executive hours spent on defining the position and job description, researching candidates, recruiting, interviewing, checking references and negotiating an offer 200
Approximate dollar value of Lost Executive Time (200 hrs x $60/hr) $12,000
Average number of administrative hours spent on writing and placing recruitment ads, receiving and acknowledging resumes and notifying candidates of their status in the search 80
Approximate dollar value of Lost Administrative Time (80 hrs x $17/hr) $1,360

2) Value of Lost Opportunities (for fundraisers and executive directors)

Funds raised per year $615,000
Average raised per month $51,250
Funds per month realized when key player absent (70% of average) $35,875
Monthly Revenue Loss $15,375
Time required to fill the position (est. as one month per $10,000 in annual salary)
-Self Reliant 7 months
-Executive Recruiter (crawfordconnect searches take an average 3 months; we have estimated a conservative 4 months for this example) 4 months
Amount saved by speeding up the search with a search firm $30,750

3) Value of focusing on key deliverables to your organization’s mission and instilling confidence in your board of directors, donors and those you serve