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Why Successful Non-profits Use Search Firms

As a cost-effective non-profit Board responsible for the hiring of senior staff for your organization within budgetary constraints, why spend money on a fee to a search firm? The best reason to hire a search firm is that they can make the difference between finding a good candidate and the right candidate.

Reasons to Hire a Search Firm: What You are Paying For!

  • When important staffing decisions are at stake, a specialist can help focus your energy. A good search firm will help clarify your organization’s needs, and help you plan and conduct a timely and efficient targeted search that will get you the results you seek.
  • A search firm takes care of administrative details that take up a lot of your time. Someone conducts your search other than you or your busy staff, enabling you to concentrate on managing and retaining current staff, and to manage your program.
  • A search firm has experience and a track record whereas you will attempt a search only when you have a need to hire; a search firm conducts searches every day.
  • Because a search firm relies on a strong network of contacts, it can approach people who are not available to you. It is this access to a network of qualified people that provides you with the best candidates to choose from.
  • Because attracting the right employee has become very challenging in a very competitive marketplace, a search firm provides you with a strategy that gives you that extra help to find the right person.

In addition, a good search firm will also extend your capabilities by offering you added Expertise and Knowledge. Such as:

  • Knowledge of the nonprofits marketplace and the field of the position you are seeking to fill
  • Knowledge of a range of organizations similar to yours
  • Knowledge of the marketplace and the salaries required getting you the right candidate
  • Expertise on how to market your organization to candidates
  • Expertise on how to compete effectively for the best candidates
  • Expertise needed to uncover all the information needed to evaluate a candidate’s skills and personality
  • Expertise needed to understand how to find the right fit between a candidate and your organization.

Every search firm promises to evaluate candidates and present a final list of qualified individuals for you to interview. But, for the best Results, find the firm that works for you. Finding the right search firm for your needs will make all the difference in the kind of experience you have and the results you get.